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We're bringing affordable networked AV solutions to market today. Whether via Dante, CobraNet, or AVB, audio over ethernet technologies let you build out better, faster, and more profitable AV systems than ever before.

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Dante BoB

With 32 analog outputs from a Dante network, you can drive anything - and lots of 'em! Drive racks full of amps, stage monitors, or anywhere else you need lots of Dante channels.

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Dante IO Box

Two mic/line inputs and two line outputs - Dante anywhere you need it! Adjustable mic gain, switchable phantom power, and PoE or DC power - the unDIO2x2 has everything you need to put Dante everywhere.

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Wall Plates

The easist way to install a networked live-sound system. A single wall-mounted box converts to/from digital, runs signal processing, and sends it over Ethernet. It will blow your mind.

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Audio Mixers

DialogBox is a one-box solution to get onto a digital audio network with a slew of DSP, control, and automixing tools. No matrix. No console. No problem.

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Amps & DSP

Public address systems made easy. Let networking protocol do the zoned paging and background music, amplify and then output up to four channels, all in real-time.

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