Dante Device Firmware and 3rd Party Control

The following applies to devices below:

  • unDIO2x2
  • unDX2IO
  • unD3IO
  • unD4I
  • unD4I-L
  • unD6IO
  • unDX4I
  • unD6IO-BT
  • unHX2D

There are two control interface types available for Attero Tech Dante devices listed above. Each interface type requires different firmware to be loaded into the device. The first type is a Dante proprietary interface which is typically used by devices that already have built-in support for Attero Tech devices. The other firmware option enables a 3rd party UDP interface and is available to anyone to use with a device capable of forming and sending a UDP message as well as receiving and parsing the response.

Products can be ordered with either command interface to support an installation's system control requirements. To specify a specific interface, note the required product suffix as follows:

Suffix Interface Known compatible devices/systems
900-xxxxx-yy-C Dante Proprietary Symetrix Radius DSP, Attero Tech CommandHub
900-xxxxx-yy-U 3rd Party UDP QSC Q-Sys, Crestron, AMX, any UDP capable device

During use, the type of command interface a device is using can be obtained from its product version. Devices reporting their product version as V1.x.x are the "-C" type and using Dante proprietary command interface while devices reporting the product version as V2.x.x or V3.x.x are the "-U" type and using the 3rd Party UDP command interface.

The product version of a device can be found in one of two ways:

  • Use Dante Controller. The product version is shown on the "Device Info" tab for each device and on the Status tab in the "Device View" window for a particular device.
  • Use unIFY Control Panel application (V1.5.1 or later). The command interface type is shown on the status bar at the bottom of the application window. It shows if the command interface is the 3rd Party UDP or not.

If for any reason the command interface of a device needs to be changed, it can be re-programmed with firmware that supports the required interface. Re-programming can be done in the field and requires the device has power and a network connection.

For those with programmable control devices that wish to add direct control of Attero Tech devices, the unIFY Software API document contains details of the 3rd Party UDP protocol and the commands that each device supports. This is available in the "Third Party API" folder. Click here to Login.

MCU Firmware Update Information

All firmware downloads are available by signing into the Attero Tech login site. Once logged in, locate and download the Device Firmware update guide to obtain detailed instructions on updating the desired products. This document is located in the "Software and Firmware / Device Firmware" folder. Click here to Login.