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Chevy Dealership Renovates with Attero Tech

// By: Daniel Keller

Chattanooga, TN-June 2017... Chattanooga's newest Chevrolet dealership, Integrity Chevrolet has already renovated its facility, including a new sound system that takes advantage of Attero Tech's unD6IO-BT Dante™ interface with Bluetooth™. "The dealership wanted controllable systems, so we went with all-Dante™ and IP technology," offers Jeff Epperson, the owner of Classic Blades Pro Audio, who designed and installed the system. "The system is primarily used for background music and paging, and the customer wanted flexible audio inputs, including Bluetooth so they could play background music from a cell phone. The Attero Tech unD6IO-BT gave them the features they needed and integrated well with the rest of the system."


Attero Tech's unD6IO-BT is a four-in, two-out wall panel interface that adds up to six channels of audio to an existing Dante™ network. It provides stereo Bluetooth inputs and software-selectable, stereo RCA and 3.5 mm audio inputs, as well as a 3.5 mm stereo line level output with software-controlled volume. These features provided more than enough flexibility for Integrity Chevrolet's needs.  

"We're an early adopter of Attero Tech's Bluetooth Dante™ interface," Epperson observes. "We're using MSE's IP-addressable SoundTube loudspeakers for the Integrity Chevrolet system, and MSE recommended the unD6IO-BT, and they were right. Attero Tech interfaces not only work well with the SoundTube speakers, they integrate beautifully with the Symetrix Radius 12x8 EX DSP we're using. The Radius lets us use a VoIP card for paging, and we installed Symetrix' ARC-WEB virtual interface, which is easy to program and lets the customer control volume and input levels from a phone."


Integrity Chevrolet's new system is extensive, covering the main showroom, a smaller show room, an outside area, and a parts and accessories showroom. "There are 11 zones in the system, with 19 speakers," recounts Epperson, "so there's a lot to it. It's all working flawlessly."

Epperson notes that with multiple inputs, including Bluetooth, it's important to educate the customer on using consistent audio sources and levels. "At Integrity Chevrolet, only a few people can control the ARC-WEB system, we've hidden the IP addresses, and we can lock the controller on the DSP. So we have secure control there. The Attero Tech unD6IO-BT provides RCA, 3.5 mm, and Bluetooth input, which is great, but there's the potential of someone trying to use all of those inputs to play audio from multiple sources and control levels from each source. So we explain that in this type of system, it's best to choose one main audio source and a consistent level. Then we can balance the levels throughout the system, and everything will be fine. Fortunately, the owner at Integrity Chevrolet is cool. He listens, and he gets it."

Epperson clearly knows audio and IP technology well but his company is called Classic Blades; what's up with that? "That's a good question," he laughs. "I've worked with AV technology for many years, have a degree in audio and video production, and been in the audio world a long time. Several years ago I acquired a company that's totally unrelated; we sell replicas of historical weapons and other historical items, including knives and swords. When we began doing AV systems for churches and car dealerships locally, it just made sense to call it Classic Blades Pro Audio."

Classic Blades' pro audio division may be relatively new but it is enjoying solid success. "We're growing," Epperson agrees. "The folks at Integrity Chevrolet are planning to have us further expand their AV systems, including adding a large video screen, and we're talking to other dealerships in the same family about the possibility of similar installs. We're looking at the custom home AV market, too. Of course, the biggest thing is making sure every customer is satisfied. The owner of Integrity Chevrolet is very happy with his new system, including the flexibility and Bluetooth capabilities of the Attero Tech unD6IO-BT. When the customer's happy, I'm happy."