Before the first Attero Tech wall plate rolled off the production line, our team of deeply embedded software engineers was helping our clients develop their latest audio/video products.  We’ve been at this a long time.  In fact from the day we opened our doors in April 2005 to today, you could walk into your local electronics store and purchase something that we’ve helped develop.  Some of the types of products that we have worked on include DVD and Blu-ray players, video cameras, iPod docks, home theater systems, streaming audio devices, and whole home audio systems.

Our team of embedded software engineers are experts at moving audio and video from point A to point B.  We excel at working as off-site team members alongside your development team.  We are experienced in embedded C and C++ on a variety of the latest and greatest development platforms and operating systems. 

We would love to tell you about our current projects, but, of course, we can’t.  Let’s just say you’ll be able to see them in stores in the near future.

If you need some extra software help in moving audio or video, please contact us.  We’ll do the heavy lifting.


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