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Attero Tech Focuses on Time-Critical Communications

By: Josh Arnold

Audio paging is an easily overlooked application in commercial AV systems with heavy focus placed on the visible, more tangible aspects of AV.  However, worldwide we are experiencing a global emphasis on time critical communications in the wake of catastrophe and unspeakable acts of violence.

By leveraging Dante and AES67 audio networking -  full audio bandwidth, real-time low latency audio paging can provide audible clarity to time critical messages and announcements to patrons.


Attero Tech’s Zip4 and Zip4-3G products provide a cost-effective and simple paging solution that can be natively integrated with QSC Q-SYS DSPs.  With this integration, installations can take advantage of the simplicity of the Zip4 paired with a comprehensive paging solution that is completely scalable for the needs of the venue.. Whether the installation is a small retail or hospitality venue or a large system such as an airport, stadium or theme park, the Zip4 provides the same rugged simplicity to users and facility owners.

The 4 assignable paging zone or group buttons are simple to operate - no need to remember paging zone codes or provide extensive user training.. Simply press a button to assign a zone, key the mic and get instant feedback on the selected zone status. Depending on the needs of the venue, message queuing and playback can also be supported. For the integrator, zone and message priority can be assigned with the Q-SYS plugin.  Additionally, for even greater user simplicity a default zone may be programmed to allow quick paging to a commonly targeted zone with no user selection required, just key the mic and speak.

The small, rugged form factors and industrial design of the Zip4 allow it to be installed conveniently - placed in a wall or on a desktop with limited clutter and close to the action.

When you’re designing your client’s next AV system, don’t forget about audio paging and its importance to facility owners and patrons.

Josh Arnold, AV Product Manager