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MSE Audio Partners with Attero Tech for Packaged System Featuring SoundTube Entertainment IPD-Hub2

Fort Wayne, IN, May 31, 2019 – Attero Tech and SoundTube Entertainment have collaboratively developed a new set of products ideal for small to medium sized retail, bar, restaurant, hospitality, spa,and educational venues. The combination of MSE Audio’s Soundtube Entertainment IPD-Hub 2 DSP Amplifier and Attero Tech’s Axiom in-wall audio extender plates and Axon C1 in-wall controller provide cost-effective and comprehensive audio solutions for these venues, while providing features typically available only in more expensive systems. 


The Soundtube IPD-Hub 2 DSP amplifier gives designers and installers an IP-based, Dante TM connected option for traditional 70V/100V distributed audio systems in small to midsize applications. The IPD-Hub 2’s integrated DSP provides input mixing and equalization to optimize the performance of any ceiling or in-wall speaker. The configurable priority paging inputs provide a flexible and distributed solution for clear communications with venue patrons. The addition of an Axiom port allows the IPD-Hub 2 to connect natively to all Attero Tech’s Axiom in-wall audio endpoint products. These single-gang Decora TM style wall plates include the ML1 - mic/line interface, the USB1 - USB audio interface, and the unBT2A - Bluetooth interface. The Axiom products provide local audio connectivity to complement the IPD-Hub 2’s Dante audio networking, providing a hybrid solution that further minimizes the required installation infrastructure and maximizes system design flexibility. Each Axiom device is available as a local input source as well as Dante-enabled audio via the IPD-Hub 2. Up to two Axiom devices may be daisy-chained from the integrated Axiom port on the IPD-Hub 2 amplifier for modularity in addressing the unique connectivity requirements of various venues. 

End user control is a key aspect of the Soundtube Entertainment and Attero Tech system solution. Basic remote volume control and selection between two sources is supported on the single IPD-Hub 2 with the Soundtube RVC-1 in wall volume controller accessory. The Attero Tech Axon C1 single-gang in-wall controller facilitates volume control, source selection and preset recall on the IPD-Hub 2 for systems that require more comprehensive control and flexibility.

System setup is supported through Attero Tech’s unIFY Control Panel software, allowing integrators to quickly configure the IPD-Hub 2s in a system. The software provides status monitoring for all connected IPD-Hub 2 products and a 3rd party control API also allows for further customized control system integrations. The IPD-Hub 2 amplifier, the Axiom audio endpoints, and the Axon C1 provide a flexible, scalable audio solution for a variety of venues – at a price point optimized for projects on a budget!