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Dante™ Networked Audio Wall Plate - 4x2 Multi I/O


SUMMARY - A 4-in, 2-Out I/O Interface that is a convenient, cost-effective way to add up to 6 channels of Dante™ audio to an existing Dante™-based networked audio system.

INPUTS - 2 XLR input with switchable mic/line gain and switchable phantom power on the inputs. Choice of unbalanced input (RCA or 3.5mm stereo jack) selectable by software.

OUTPUTS - One 3.5mm output, and two balanced outputs on a side-mounted depluggable connector with software controlled volume.

CONTROL - Audio flow assignment, input gain, phantom power and unbalanced input selection are all controllable via the Dante™ network connection.

*Fully DDM Ready

Firmware Compatibility Note: Two versions of firmware are available for this product that each support a different control method. Click this link for further details.

Audio routing note: The input configuration can be modified using the unIFY Control Panel software or other compatible controllers. Audio channels 1 and 2 route the two XLR inputs audio directly to Dante™. The Dante™ transmitter channels 3 and 4 can be sourced from the RCA inputs, 3.5mm inputs or a sum of each (RCA-L + 3.5mm-L, and RCA-R + 3.5mm-R) via the switchable input selection. Audio from Dante™ output channels 1 and 2 is sent to Output 1 and 2, respectively, and simultaneously to the in-wall balanced outputs. The following diagram illustrates the internal audio signal path of the unD6IO.

Audio Flow Diagram


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