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Synapse DM1

Dante/AES67 Rackmount Audio Monitor


Product Overview

The DM1 is a rack-mount networked audio monitor for confidence monitoring of networked audio and local sources at the rack via headphones or through the integrated speakers. The DM1 has 2 modes of network audio monitoring: Standard and Extended.

Standard mode features monitoring of any of the 32 channels assigned to the Dante / AES67 receiver inputs.  Extended mode allows subscription based monitoring of up to 128 channels loaded to the DM1 using the unIFY Control Panel Software.  In both modes, audio may be selected for monitoring by the user via the front panel controls.  The DM1 also features AES3 digital outputs for connectivity to full range powered speakers or amplifiers and 2 channels of analog I/O for local source monitoring and network connectivity.   

The DM1 is an excellent solution for:

  • Rack mounted Dante monitor for up to 128 channels
  • Balanced analog I/O for additional Dante-to-analog connectivity
  • Sync input and master output for a “house” clock


  • Supports easy monitoring of 32 Dante channels in standard monitoring mode and 128 subscription based monitoring channels in extended mode
  • Transmits local analog audio channels and selected monitor audio channel to Dante
  • Product Accessory kit available


Synapse Family Common Features

  • Supports Dante/AES67 Interoperablity Mode for universal network audio compatibility with virtually any networked DSP or mixing console
  • Easily assignable front panel headphone access, volume control and source selection - includes local input and Dante monitoring modes
  • Integrated power supply with optional external supply for applications  requiring redundant power requirements
  • Configurable Dante interface for redundant or switched operation
  • Integrated SFP ports for direct connection to fiber for long haul signal extension applications
  • SFP Ports can double as switched connections in both redundant and switched operation to minimize the need for external network switches
Device NamePart Number
Synapse DM1Synapse DM1

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Product Connector/Accessory Kit