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Dante™ Networked Audio Wall Plate - 4x2 Mic/Line I/O (4 Mic)


Product Overview

The unDX2IO+ Dante™ Audio Interface is a cost effective multi-IO wall box. The unDX2IO+ features two balanced mic/line XLR inputs, two balanced XLR line outputs, and a further two balanced line inputs on de-pluggable connectors on the side of the unit. All inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously and all audio channels are available separately. The unDX2IO+ is designed to fit into all dual gang US junction boxes, mud rings, and old work brackets. The unDX2IO+ is PoE enabled, so all connectivity (power, control, and data) is provided by a single CAT-5/6 cable. The unDX2IO+’s size and I/O density make it easy to put Dante™ connectivity wherever it’s needed.

Key Features

  • Small form factor, can be unobtrusively located near analog sources or sinks
  • Four input gains to accommodate common line levels, dynamics, and phantom powered mics
  • +48V phantom power per channel - powers all types of phantom powered microphones typically used in installed AV systems
  • Analog output gain is software adjustable between 0dB and -60dB plus mute to accommodate all types of line input levels (at 0dB input gain) and +20dBu maximum output levels
  • Full Dante™ system status LEDs on the front panel
  • Ships with both black and white Decora plates and fascia inserts.


  • Easily accessible microphone audio interface for presentation audio systems in meeting spaces, classrooms, theaters and hospitality venues.
  • House of worship Dante™ connectivity for musicians and worship leaders
  • Conveniently located audio network I/O for portable AV systems in convention spaces and hospitality venues
Device NamePart Number
unDX2IO+ (Dante Proprietary Control)unDX2IO+-C
unDX2IO+ (UDP 3rd Party Control)unDX2IO+-U
unDX2IO+ (Biamp Tesira Control)unDX2IO+-B

Accessory Products

unXP2I- Single Gang Passive Dual XLR Decora Plate