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Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio Wall Plate - 4x2 Multi I/O with Bluetooth® Audio


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Product Overview

The unD6IO-BT Dante/AES67 Audio Interface with Bluetooth® is a cost effective multi-IO wall box. The unD6IO-BT features stereo Bluetooth® wireless audio input connectivity along with two RCA line level inputs and a 3.5mm TRS line level input. A 3.5mm TRS line level output on the front is also included.  The unD6IO-BT is designed to fit into most dual gang US junction boxes and is PoE enabled, so all connectivity (power, control and audio data) is provided by a single CAT-5e/6 cable.  The unD6IO-BT's unique mix of consumer style wired and wireless connectivity allows easy connection of a wide variety of user devices to a Dante or AES67 network - with no concerns about ground loops or other audio problems common with consumer devices. 

Key Features

  • Fully DDM (Dante Domain Manager) ready
  • Simple one button pairing/connect process, multiple pairing modes - manual (default), auto and exclusive
  • Defeatable pairing button for restricted use applications with 3rd party control systems
  • Customizable Bluetooth friendly name
  • Compatible with most smartphones, Apple iPads, and Android tablets - both media streaming and smartphone bridging
  • RCA inputs and 3.5mm input (each summed to mono) can be selected via software, individually or in combination, as an audio flow (see Audio Flow diagram below)
  • Ships with both black and white Decora plates and fascia inserts.
  • Product Accessory kit available

The call bridging mode of the unD6IO-BT provides call connectivity for conference system users’ Bluetooth equipped devices to a networked audio based conferencing system. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity provides simple bridging of far end meeting participants for on the fly meeting productivity and backup conferencing connectivity in case of VoIP and Web-based conferencing service failures. The application diagram highlights the general system connectivity for a networked audio conferencing system utilizing Bluetooth call bridging with Attero Tech’s call bridging enabled networked audio products.


Audio Flow Diagram

Audio Routing Note: The input configuration can be modified using the unIFY Control Panel software or other compatible controllers.  Audio channels 1 and 2 route the stereo Bluetooth audio  directly to Dante. The Dante transmitter channels 3 and 4 can be sourced from the RCA inputs, 3.5mm inputs or a sum of each (RCA-L + 3.5mm-L, and RCA-R + 3.5mm-R) via the switchable input selection.  Audio from Dante output channels 1 and 2 is sent to Output 1 and 2 respectively. The following diagram illustrates the internal audio signal path of the unD6IO-BT.


Firmware Comparability Note:

There are three control interface types available for Attero Tech Dante devices. Each interface type requires different firmware to be loaded into the device. The first type is a Dante proprietary interface (-C) which is typically used by already have built-in support for Attero Tech devices. The second firmware option enables a 3rd party UDP (-U) interface and is available to anyone to use with a device capable of forming and sending a UDP message as well as receiving and parsing the response. The third firmware option is the Biamp Tesira proprietary control (-B). These products integrate with the TesiraFORTÉ DSPs.

Products can be ordered with any command interface to support an installation's system control requirements. To specify a specific interface, note the required product suffix as follows:

Device NamePart Number
unD6IO-BT (Dante Proprietary Control)unD6IO-BT-C
unD6IO-BT (UDP 3rd Party Control)unD6IO-BT-U


3.5mm Cover Kit - 3.5mm Input Covers


Product Connector/Accessory Kit