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Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio Interface - 4 Mic/Line Inputs with Logic I/O


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The unD4I-L four input Dante interface is the ideal device for adding mic/line inputs to a Dante system. The addition of four logic outputs allows easy interface with microphone switches and indicator LEDs. The unD4I-L features four balanced mic/line inputs, each with software selectable +48V phantom power and 8 gain levels. Front panel indicators show each channel's gain and phantom power status for easy troubleshooting. The unD4I-L has two network connections to allow Dante Daisy Chaining. Dante Daisy Chaining further simplifies system infrastructure wiring by allowing multiple unD4I-Ls to use a single CAT 5 home run connection to a network switch. Power can also be daisy chained. The unD4I-L is powered by either external +24VDC or any PoE network switch. All adjustable parameters, like mic/line gain and phantom power, are software controlled. 

Key Features

  • 4 balanced and RF filtered mic/line inputs on 3-pin depluggable connectors
  • 8 mic/line gains to accommodate any analog input level. Gain is individually adjustable per channel via software
  • Supports AES67 interoperability mode
  • Configurable networking options - daisy chain or dedicated control port
  • 802.3af compliant PoE powered to work with any compliant PoE network switch, or an external +24VDC supply
  • +48V Phantom power switchable per channel via software
  • ID function of the Power LED allows easy identification of the unD4I-L with which Attero Tech's Unify software is communicating
  • Dante Daisy Chaining allows multiple unD4I-Ls to be connected over a single home-run to the Ethernet switch
  • Four Logic inputs accept dry contact closure, opto, or open collector inputs and can send UDP status messages to connected DSPs or control
  • Four Logic Outputs with source/sink capability for LEDs


  • Hotel ballrooms
  • Conference/meeting centers
  • Conference rooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Convention centers
  • Houses of Worship
Device NamePart Number
unD4I-L (Dante Proprietary Control)unD4I-L-C
unD4I-L (UDP 3rd Party Control)unD4I-L-U


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