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Dante™ Networked Audio Interface - 2x2 Mic/Line I/O


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Product Overview

The unDIO2x2+ I/O interface is a 2in/2out, cost-effective way to add up to two channels (in and out) of Dante audio to any Dante-based networked audio system. The unDIO2x2+'s small form factor and PoE power capability make it easy to put Dante connectivity wherever it's needed - near the audio source or sink thereby eliminating costly and interference prone analog wiring. The unDIO2x2+ is an upgrade of the earlier unDIO2x2, and adds several features including true +48V phantom power, maximum input and output levels of +20dBu, added input gain settings, and full output level control.

Key Features

  • Fully DDM Ready
  • Small form factor, can be unobtrusively located near analog sources or sink
  • Dual power (DC or PoE) means the unDIO2x2+ will work in systems with either standard or PoE Ethernet switches
  • Five input gains to accommodate common line levels, phantom power and dynamic mics
  • +48V phantom power per channel - powers virtually all types of phantom powered microphones typically used in installed AV systems
  • Analog output gains software adjustable between 0dB and -60dB plus mute to accommodate all types of line input audio equipment - both consumer and pro levels
  • Full Dante system status LEDs on the front panel
Device NamePart Number
unDIO2x2+ (Dante Proprietary Control)unDIO2x2+-C
unDIO2x2+ (UDP 3rd Party Control)unDIO2x2+-U


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