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Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio Interface - 2x2 Plug and Play USB Connectivity


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Product Overview

The unDUSB is a small, cost-effective interface that bridges host USB devices, like computers, directly to a Dante network - while keeping the audio signals in the digital domain. The unDUSB enumerates on USB as a standard stereo sound card, and provides 2 channels from Dante to USB, and 2 channels from USB to Dante. Since the unDUSB uses USB audio drivers that are built-in to Windows and OSX, no additional drivers need to be installed. Using an unDUSB, any computer program that can make use of a stereo sound card can instantly have input and output access to audio signals on a Dante network. Music, presentation audio, and even audio from collaboration applications like Skype can be used in a Dante system. The unDUSB can be powered by compliant 802.3af PoE devices, from +9VDC to +24VDC external supplies, or from the Power Link Output connector of other Attero Tech devices that support Power Link.

With the latest firmware release, all unDUSB units utilizing the UltimoX chip now support AES67 networked audio. AES67 can be enabled within Dante Controller.

Key Features

  •  Fully DDM Ready
  • Supports AES67 interoperability mode
  • USB B-Type connector for east connection to laptop, desktop, and other USB host equipment
  • PoE powered to work with any compliant 802.3af PoE network switch or mid-span injector, external +9VDC to +24VDC supply, or from the Power Link Output connector of other Attero Tech devices that support Power Link for maximum flexibility
  • Since the unDUSB uses standard USB Audio device drivers, which are native to Windows and OSX, device installation is easy. The unDUSB is a USB 1.1 audio device, so any application that can use a sound card can use the unDUSB


  • Audio and video conferencing - use the in-room Dante sound system with soft codecs like Skype
  • Conference room presentation audio - use the in-room Dante sound system for best fidelity
  • House of Worship/Conference Centers - easy recording of Dante audio to a laptop or desktop application
  • Use any PC or Mac for a BGM music server directly to a Dante audio system
  • Academic/Lecture Hall for easy PC to Dante presentation audio connectivity
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