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Biamp DSP Integration

Learn more about our device integration with Biamp DSPs


Biamp DSP Integration Overview

Biamp and Attero Tech have teamed up to develop native integration of a number of AT products into Biamp’s Tesira v3.4 software and firmware.   These products integrate with the TesiraFORTÉ Forte DAN DSPs, Tesira Server SERVER (with DAN-1 Dante card) and Server SERVER-IO (with DAN-1 Dante card). 

Tesira DSPs natively control the following Attero Tech product functions:

  • Preamp gain
  • Phantom power
  • Locate Function
  • Input Source Select (unD6IO-only)

Additionally, the input and output blocks in Tesira software feature integrated DSP functionality including:

  • Peak Metering
  • Phase Invert
  • Digital Level Control

 This same control capability is available via Biamp’s TTP (TelNet/SSH Text) protocol for easy integration with third party control systems.  Biamp has also designed extensive system status monitoring and diagnostics that show incompatible or missing audio flows between the Tesira DSPs and the Attero Tech products, optimizing the process of troubleshooting Dante audio connectivity.  This is what native integration looks like!

For more detailed information on how to integrate and control Attero Tech products within Dante enabled Tesira audio DSP systems, please visit this Biamp Cornerstone article link.

The following is a list of integrated products for Biamp Tesira SERVER, SERVER-IO, and TesiraFORTÉ DAN-based DSP systems:

ProductDescriptionRequired Firmware Control Option
4x2 Dante Wall Plate (2-Mic/Line In , 2-Line In (Side), 2-Out ) -B
unDX4I4x2 Dante Wall Plate (4-Mic/Line In , 2-Line Out (Side) )-B
unD6IO4x2 Dante Wall Plate (2-Mic/Line In , 2-RCA/3.5mm Line In, 2-Line Out (Side) )-B

For current Biamp dealers interested in procuring Attero Tech products, please contact Attero Tech via the Contact Us form located at the bottom of this web-page. 

Firmware Compatibility Note

Products can be ordered with different control interface options to support an integrated system's control requirements. To specify a specific control interface, note the required product suffix as follows:

SuffixInterfaceCompatible Devices/Systems
900-xxxxx-yy-B    Biamp
Dante-enabled Tesira audio DSPs
QSC / 3rd Party UDPQSC Q-SYS, Crestron, AMX, any UDP capable device
900-xxxxx-yy-CSymetrix Symetrix Radius DSP

During use, the type of control interface for an active device can be identified with unIFY Control Panel application. The command interface type is shown in the selected device's popup context menu by right clicking on the device name in the list of available device.

If for any reason the command interface of a device needs to be changed to allow for control integration in the intended system, it can be re-programmed using the Smart Firmware Update utility found within unIFY Control Panel v2.3.0 and newer.  

Simply select the desired SFU update file, then the application will show the matching products in the system.  Then simply select -U or -C and press Apply to alter the control interface type.

Firmware Update Information

All firmware downloads are available by signing into the Attero Tech login site, and navigating to the "Software and Firmware / Device Firmware" folder. Click here to Login.