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Visit the Attero Tech by QSC Support Desk for Technical Assistance

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Effective March 3, 2020, this Attero Tech page will be redirected to allowing you to create a case or contact Attero Tech by QSC support via phone for technical support or product issues.

Attero Tech Remote Support

Would you like some live remote support assistance for any issues with your Attero Tech networked audio devices or software?

Download the Attero Tech Remote Support Panel

Our remote support tool - TeamViewer - allows our technical support team to securely assist our customers remotely.  Click the link above to download the Attero Tech Remote Support Panel. Choose “Run” when prompted, choosing the default answers if in doubt. The program will run a small applet on your computer, and provide you a unique, secure, 9-digit ID and 4-character alphanumeric password. Call us, and provide us the ID number and password and we'll be connected and assisting you promptly.

Search Technical Issue via Search Bar

If you would like to search our FAQ database for common support case solutions and general technical questions - simply enter any term/product name that applies to your issue into the search bar on the Support Desk page. In the event that you do not find an answer to your technical issue, proceed to the "New Inquiries" step below.

New Inquiries

For new technical support inquiries, select the "Sign Up" option on the Support Desk page.  Enter the requested information and then select the "Register" option. You will be signed into your new account and redirected to the Support Desk page. From here, you will have a number of options available:

File A New Support Ticket

Select the "New Support Ticket" option to file a tech support ticket. Simply provide your name, product that you're having an issue with and a brief description of your technical problem. Our tech support staff will then follow up with you once they have received your ticket.

Check Ticket Status

You can track the status of your technical support ticket at any time by selecting the "Check Ticket Status" option from the Support Desk.  Any technical support tickets that you have created will be visible on this page.

If your issue has not been resolved by any of the above options, please contact our technical support department directly at your convenience:

Technical Support Phone:
(Toll Free): (800) 772-2834 (USA Only) / Phone: +1 (714) 957-7150