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Introducing the Axiom Product Family: Audio Extension I/O Modules

Axiom Product Family Overview

Axiom products provide simple, flexible and installation friendly solutions for audio connectivity and audio signal extension in installed audio applications. These products are excellent solutions for cost sensitive applications such as education, retail, small hospitality and house of worship applications with no compromises in functionality, performance or aesthetics. Broad Integration - Axiom products may be paired with the analog I/O of any mixer, DSP or amplifier using any Axiom analog expander product. Control - In addition to flexibility in audio connectivity, the Axiom bus provides RS-232 control to one device on the bus, adding additional control integration capabilities for Axiom products featuring control. All Axiom products that feature control capabilities are supported for system configuration and commissioning within Attero Tech’s unIFY Control Panel software.

The Attero Tech Axiom bus is a proprietary analog extension solution that leverages unshielded twisted pair cabling (CAT 5/6) to transmit 2 balanced audio channels, RS-232 control and 24VDC power for audio signal extension applications. The Axiom bus is designed to support distances of up to 100m (total run length). The Axiom bus also supports daisy chain connectivity of up to 2 Axiom devices to provide flexible modularity for various audio device connectivity in installed AV systems.



  • Single gang US standard Decora-style form factor for modular design flexibility (In-wall Axiom products)
  • Unshielded CAT-X cabling infrastructure used for Axiom bus connectivity with daisy chain support for up to 2 Axiom products (100 meter total cabling length)
  • Axiom bus supports RS-232 connectivity for Axiom products that feature control capabilities
  • White and black color options are included with all Axiom wall plate products

Axiom Products

Axiom ML1

The Axiom ML1 provides an installation friendly, simple to operate analog audio extension of analog mic and line level sources for cost-sensitive applications such as small and medium sized retail, restaurant, education and hospitality venues.

Axiom USB1 (Available Q4 2019)

The Axiom USB1 provides an installation friendly and flexible analog audio extension solution for USB audio playback and recording applications for education, conferencing and hospitality venues.

Axiom AXP2O

Through the AXP2O expander unit each Axiom device outputs balanced mono or stereo analog audio on 3-pin depluggable connectors for easy connection to commercial audio equipment.