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Command & Control

Unique audio distribution and monitoring solutions for mission critical demands of command & control rooms


Command & Control environments are rich with AV content distribution and consumption.   These systems often rely on complex video distribution systems with large scale video walls, multiple displays and supervisory personnel that need real time status for the visualization and consumption of data, system analytics, video surveillance and not to be forgotten - audio content monitoring.  Attero Tech's networked audio solutions are an excellent fit for the exacting demands of these systems, putting simple yet customizable and effective control of the system audio content right at the fingertips and most importantly the ears of system operators and administrators.


Recommended Products

unDNEMOListingImageTemplatemin.png?R=PSb&T=m6tLmlunDNEMODante Network Monitor
SynapseD32iListingImagemin.png?R=QSb&T=CPtLmlSynapse D32i32 Channel Line Level Input Dante Interface
unHX2DListingImage.png?R=NSb&T=xQtLmlunHX2DHDMI/Dante Audio De-embedder/Embedder