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House of Worship

Networked AV connectivity solutions for large and small worship spaces


Designing or updating an audio-visual system into a worship/congregation space can prove challenging,  whether designing a system for small house of worship or a state of the art mega-church, networked AV solutions are an effective tool to connect and maximize the overall worship experience.

In many case, houses of worship demand unobtrusive AV products to blend seamlessly into these spaces and not detract from the architectural aesthetics.  Attero Tech's unique audio endpoint solutions can be used to meet these requirements, whether it's connecting an lectern mic with a small audio interface like the unDIO2X2+, or a conveniently located unDX2IO+ Dante wall plate in a choir loft.   These are few small examples of how Attero Tech products can be integrated elegantly into houses of worship.

Recommended Products

unD32Dante Networked Audio Interface - 32 Line Level Analog Outputs
Synapse D32iDante/AES67 Networked Audio Interface - 32 Line Level Analog Inputs
unD6IODante Networked Audio Wall Plate - 4x2 Multi I/O
unDX4IDante Networked Audio Wall Plate - 4x2 Mic/Line I/O (4 Mic)
unDX2IO+Dante Networked Audio Wall Plate - 4x2 Mic/Line I/O (2 Mic)
unD3IODante Networked Audio Wall Plate - 2x2 Multi I/O