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Flexible solutions for the wide ranging needs of sporting and live entertainment venues


Modern stadiums, live sporting and entertainment venues continue to push the limits of AV technology to engage fans and visitors.  The use of network based solutions for AV content delivery in these venues is highly effective for spanning the physically large footprints of these facilities and addressing the need for low latency, tightly synchronized and highly reliable AV distribution.  Attero Tech provides unique endpoint connectivity solutions from simple to use Bluetooth audio interface solutions for luxury box entertainment systems to high channel count audio interfaces for signal extension and audio content delivery to amplification systems.   


Recommended Products

Dante Networked Audio Interface - 32 Line Level Analog Outputs
Synapse D32iDante/AES67 Networked Audio Interface - 32 Line Level Analog Inputs
unD6IO-BTDante Networked Audio Wall Plate - 4x2 Multi I/O with Bluetooth Audio
unHX2DDante Networked Audio Interface - 4x4 HDMI Audio De-embedder / Embedder