Why Attero Tech?


Fort Wayne, Indiana might not be the first place you think about for leading edge networked audio and video technology.  However, our little city has a storied relationship with audio and video technology - starting with the invention of broadcast television by Philo T. Farnsworth right here in the Summit City.  Magnavox, one of the pioneers in home entertainment electronics and military radio communications, started in Napa California in 1913.  By 1931, they had relocated the company headquarters to Fort Wayne to be more centrally located to their markets.  Televisions, laser discs, and the first video game console were just some of technologies to emerge from this highly innovative company.  Today, companies like Harris and Raytheon develop and manufacture modern military communications and satellite technology used all over the world.  Attero Tech carries on in Fort Wayne's tradition of high tech innovation and solid value to bring to life industry leading products for the commercial and pro AV markets.

Attero Tech has benefited tremendously from the world class pool of engineering and manufacturing talent that exists in Fort Wayne.  Every person at Attero Tech has been recruited locally - all we've needed to succeed we've found right here in the heart of the Midwest.  We may not have the East Coast attitude or the West Coast cool, but when you call Attero Tech you'll talk to people who care about you, and we'll do whatever it takes to help you be successful.  That's our commitment to you, now and always.